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The problem of outlets in Decorative tile

posted Jan 19, 2010, 3:23 PM by Bob Wallace   [ updated Jan 19, 2010, 3:33 PM ]

After investing in the design of a beautiful backsplash, cutting receptacles into your hard work can be heartbreaking. However, the Angled Power Strip from Task Lighting allows outlets, switches, phone jacks and more to coexist discretely with the beautiful design of your backsplash. Easily mounted at the back of a wall cabinet, the power strip has a sleek appearance that works under the counter of kitchen islands as well. Task Lighting (Use the link at the left to view products from Task Lighting)

Power GrommetJust a few years ago you had to crawl under the desk to change electrical plugs or data ports. No longer. Now, the outlets come to you, right on the desktop, making changing power or data as easy as that. Now, just pop out the old data module and pop in the new one. Just unplug a computer and plug in a DVD player. It’s become convenient and why not?

When we began leading this revolution a decade ago, we had one power/communications grommet, PCS1. With this catalog we are now up to PCS45, so nearly four dozen variations to suit your aesthetic and technical needs and budget. Some are square, some round, some oval, some for desks and study carrels, some for training tables, some for giant boardroom tables, some for home. Various technical configurations, a multitude of finishes, different mounting positions.These are also compliant with code specifications for kitchen counter outlets, when correctly wired.