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New Rules For Outdoor Lighting At Night On L.I.

posted Oct 15, 2010, 8:43 PM by Bob Wallace

ISLIP, NY (WCBS 880) - The light police are now watching over your bulbs on Long Island.

Islip is imposing new ‘dark skies’ rules, restricting outdoor lights on homes to no stronger than 100 watts and requiring businesses to turn off exterior lights within a half hour of closing.

Homeowner James Keaton thinks it all makes good financial sense.

“It’s expensive now, you know,” Keaton told WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs. “On that point of view, it might not be such a bad idea.”

Supporters say the new light restrictions are healthier and will help us all to see the stars more clearly at night.

To that, George says, “People can’t see the skies because your bills are too high.”

At least seven other Long Island towns have imposed similar light restrictions.

What gives the Gov't any right to pass a law such as this? Is the Islip Town Gov't going to be held partially responsible for any crimes that occur because of this stupid law?